List of Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapters:

Chapters 1-18: PROzess

Chapters 19-27: Yoraikun

Chapter 28: Fairy Garden

Chapter 29: Yoraikun

Chapter 30: Rumors of War

Chapter 31: The Four Heroes’ Strength and Premonitions of War


10 Responses to Chapters

  1. tempe0 says:

    and what about chapter 29?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HydroPoop says:

    Thanks! Very interested in KnW, looking forward to reading more translations from you!


  3. Zuzu says:

    Thanks! looking forward to future chapters


  4. Yoraikun says:

    I’m 19+ Not 1-27. 1-18 are PROzess.


  5. hataya says:

    Thanks for The chapters


  6. Da Native says:

    Thank you for the chapter updates… Umm quick question
    Does it cost anything to open a page under WordPress, I dun wanna translate or anything, but I do wish to make a website where I can write a web novel for fun and see how that turns out…
    Thank you for reading my comment

    -Da Native


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