Chapter 28 – Fairy Garden

I gasped in surprise. Did they notice me? Crap. In an instant, the lights stopped moving.

(Those are <<Pheom>>… right?)

They looked like straight out of a picture book. The four of them floated over, each with a different hair color. Red, blue, yellow, and green.

“Hey! Hey! << Gabranth >>! Wait no, << Humas >>. Were you watching us? You were weren’t you!” (Pheom)

“So what << Pheom >>? Quit yapping about it.” (Hiiro)

“This is different from what mother told us!” (Pheom)

“Yeah! << Humas >> shouldn’t be able to see us!” (Pheom)

(How annoying… they buzz around your face, chatter endlessly. But there’s one thing that bothers me.)

“You. How did you know that I wasn’t a << Gabranth >>?” (Hiiro)

(Right now, I should be disguised as a << Gabranth >>, heck even they couldn’t tell me apart. Yet these << Pheom >> saw through it instantly!)

“Wow! It’s talking! It can really see us!” (Pheom)

For some reason the red one seems overjoyed…

“Anyways, answer me! How could you tell?” (Hiiro)

“Huh?!? Cause it’s not the real thing? I guess.” (Pheom)

With a blank look, she answers my question.

“Real?!? What do you mean?” (Hiiro)

“Kyahaha! << Humas >>, you seriously don’t know?” (Pheom)

The yellow one seems to be enjoying itself.

“Interesting! How interesting!” (Pheom)

“I’ll tell you! It’s cause we’re << Pheom >>! The all-seeing race!” (Pheom)

Now you’re talking…

“All-seeing race? What does that mean?” (Hiiro)

“Kyahaha! He doesn’t know! He really doesn’t know!” (Pheom)

The red one is still flying, trying to mimic me. The green one continues…

“Our eyes see only the truth!” (Pheom)

“…so you can see the true form of anyone?” (Hiiro)

“Ooo! AMAZING! So good!” (Pheom)

The blue one’s laughing again… I’m seriously considering using <> to make him fall.

“Anyways, that’s how we know.” (Pheom)

The yellow one nods. I really would prefer to speak one on one with him right now.

The red one approaches me.

“Hmmm. This being… is it really a << Humas >>? Really?” (Pheom)

“WHAT! Isn’t it?” (Pheom)

“He certainly looks like one…” (Pheom)

“Maybe he’s different?” (Pheom)

“Well I don’t know, he feels different from the rest of them.” (Pheom)

The red one smacks his hand.

“I know! Mother might know!” (Pheom)

“I see!” (Pheom)

“Are we going?” (Pheom)

“Are you sure about this?” (Pheom)

Hiiro sighs.

“Alright! Let’s go!” (Pheom)


In front of them, a rift opens up.

“What in the world?” (Hiiro)

The rift widens, to the size of a person. Nothing but darkness can be seen inside.

“This way to mother! Let’s go!” (Pheom)

“He… hey!” (Hiiro)

The red one pulls his hand.

(Who is this mother they speak of? But seriously… aren’t these guys being too trusting right now?)

(It seems that these << Pheom >> aren’t very bright. Are their heads alright?)

(However, this piques my interest. You never know, I might find something interesting!)

Hiiro stepped into the rift.

“Huh!?!” (Hiiro)

The << Pheom >> let out a light which penetrates the darkness. The interior looks like a part of the forest, but there are countless lights floating about.

A house. A tiny house. As small as a dollhouse.

(I feel like I’ve stepped into Lilliput…)

“Over here!” (Pheom)

The red one pulls him over. A massive, hollowed out tree comes into view, and a woman appears.

She isn’t tiny like the rest of them. Light blue hair, long enough as to reach the ground. Her hair shines. On her head rests some sort of a crown. Wings on her back. Slender features. She looks just like a goddess.

Holding a cane, with a glowing orb with feathers on top, she announces.

“Welcome traveller! To << Fairy Garden >>.” (Woman)

“Thanks for inviting me, though I was pretty much forced to come.” (Hiiro)

The red one stuck out it’s tongue.

“Orun has a good eye. I don’t think she would bring an enemy.” (Woman)

Apparently, she trusts me.

“Hey! Hey! Mother!” (Pheom)

“Yes dear?” (Woman)

“This person, is he really a << Humas >>?” (Pheom)

“No. He comes from another world. He isn’t from the world of << Idea >>” (Woman)

The surrounding fairies raised their voices as if impressed. Hiiro smiled.

“By the way, are you behaving as I’ve asked? He is a visitor, show some courtesy will you?” (Woman)

Orun is being scolded. Ha! Serves you right.

“Anyways! Let me introduce myself properly. I am the head of the << Pheom >>, Niño. If you would so kind as to tell us your name?” (Woman)

“Arnold Ocean” (Hiiro)

Niño laughs.

“… Hiiro Okumura. I look forward to working with you.” (Niño)

I reluctantly lower my head.

(I see… they can even see through lies.)

My fake name was seen through instantly. I wanted to make sure, but her ability really is amazing. This sort of deception doesn’t even faze her.

“By all means Hero, follow me.” (Niño)

We entered the tree. There was a fairly large space. Some snacks had been prepared for us.

“This food is called << Vanyar >> ” (Niño)

It was shaped like a flower, and sparkled in my hands. There was a squishy thing on top.

(Is this… gelatin?)

But I can’t eat it just yet. It might be poisoned. I start writing under the desk.

“Rest assured. We aren’t trying to poison you.” (Niño)

“…” (Hiiro)

“And please stop writing under the desk.” (Niño)

It feels like they have eyes everywhere.

“Why should I believe you.” (Hiiro)

“Well then!” (Niño)

She takes the << Vanyar >> and eats it.

“Of course, we haven’t put anything in the drink either” (Niño)

Or so you say… I frown.

“Quite paranoid, aren’t you” (Niño)

“Of course. I’m on my own right now. Isn’t that expected?” (Hiiro)

“Well… how about you check for yourself?” (Niño)

“… What?!?” (Hiiro)

“Use your << Word Magic >>” (Niño)

Hiiro froze. He knew that they had the ability to ‘see’, but he hadn’t expected their ‘vision’ to be this powerful.

“Our power is the ability to see everything. Of course, that includes << Status >> as well.” (Niño)

By seeing my << Status >>, one would be able to find out about my << Word Magic >>. But even then…

(<< Word Magic >> is quite strong.)

I let magic flow to my finger.

“If you don’t mind…” (Hiiro)

The word he wrote was << Prying >>. And so, Niño’s status appeared before him.

(This power is seriously OP)


Lvl: 20

HP: 100/100
MP: 1000/1000

EXP: 10000
NEXT: 1000

ATK: 20
DEF: 30
AGI: 50
HIT: 100
INT: 300 (400)

<<Magic Attributes>> Fire, Water, Light

Fireball (Fire – Attack)
Mystic Flare (Fire – Attack)
Mist (Water – Support)
Bubble Rain (Water – Attack/Support)
Infinity Judgement (Light – Attack)
Lazer Prism (Light – Attack)
Holy Lance (Light – Attack)
Resurrection (Light – Recovery)
Full Clean (Light – Effect)

<<Title>> Fairy Queen, Seer, One who sees, Light Guardian.

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    • k says:

      probably is can’t do thing that word can’t describe

      althought is a power to alter the world by realize the “meaning” in the word . So you don’t even need real word for this power as long as it have “meaning” that the user want


    • hayate90 says:

      no matter how loose the language is, its still need a strong imagination from the user, or the drawback from using it will take effect, like when he use the sleep on a living monster, which basically means forcefully changing its state of mind. he even states that the drawback will be worse if he write death instead. so its not all omnipotent, but still OP


    • amagi91 says:

      still you cna do anything as long as you can imagin it good enough though it comes with risks


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